Why Did I Make the Huge Floral Piece?

Big Floral Piece
If you’ve read about my mother’s 50th birthday piece, you’ll know where the inspiration of the up-side-down bouquet came from.  But this particular piece is substantially larger than all of the other pieces-plus a few new types of flowers. Side note: Clay shrinks ... read more

The Blue Pot and Captain Little

Captain Ned Little was fierce despite his name.  He and his crew of 16 managed to rule the seas surrounding the Caribbean taking what they wished and living lives of luxury. During their regular plunder on a small Bahamian island, they’d found their biggest treasure ... read more

Finding My First Artifact

Neeley’s Note: I began this article September of 2014 as part of a little research project.  I’m finally posting it now and will be adding to it until I find my own artifact for my home!   Buying My First Artifact   I was recently asked to write a post ... read more

I Need Your Help

I need some help. As I’ve been growing as an artist, I find it easier to see the entire picture.  This actually has only been the case for about nine months.  Before then I would create something, but not give much thought to the color.  I was only focused on form. ... read more

Trouble Finding a Spot for Your Art?

You’ve found a gorgeous piece. Now you’re staring at it and not sure where its home within your home will be. It’s breakable, it’s lovely and you may be thinking, “I have no idea where to put this!” I’ll admit, I like to buy pretty things, then I get home and I don’t ... read more

Lilly’s Bank

Piggy banks
Neeley’s Note: I never thought I’d get to have nieces or nephews as I was an only child until October 2009 when I gained two stepbrothers (father remarried) and, in 2013, a stepsister (mother remarried).  When I heard the news that my older stepbrother ... read more

Rose Pattern and the Wedding Dress

rose pattern
There used to be a bridal shop next to the studio featuring the loveliest pink, rose-patterned wedding dress in the window.  Passing the window wasn’t the shortest way to the studio, but I found myself taking that route many times just to get a peek at the dress. ... read more

How much does ceramic art cost?

The simple answer? It depends. I wish I could give you a mathematic equation for this, but seeing as I’ve got an artist’s brain instead of a mathematician’s brain, you’ll just have to bear with me. There are three basic ways that I price my work: Yes, size matters ... read more